When I saw Petter Eliassen double pole all the way to his victory in Vasaloppet 2015 and then saw him do the same thing in Birkebeinerrennet two weeks later, I started to think about how it was possible to be that strong.

Being a scientist, I went to the scientific literature about physiology related to cross country skiing of the last 15 years. I found that strength training is much more important than most skiers and coaches realize and that focus should be on maximum strength in specific muscles. Strength training is, thus, an important complement to the endurance training you get by skiing, roller skiing, Skierg, Ercolina and similar machines. This is why I developed Skigrip! I am fully convinced that you will perform better and enjoy skiing more thanks to better strength training.

Skigrip enables you to train your strength in a much more ski-specific way than with, for example, a barbell. Skigrip is based on the notion that your grip while strength training should be the same as while skiing.

When I write strength, I really mean strength – not endurance. In order to improve your strength you have to use great intensity and maximal effort. Put Skigrip on your hand just like you would a pole. Then, attach Skigrip to a cable pulldown station in a regular gym. Or, use some special attachments to fasten Skigrip to a chin-up bar or any horizontal bar outdoors.

To ensure optimal quality, I use manufacturers who know their materials and have a genuine feeling for skiing. Reinert at MyKå in Karlstad has developed and produces the stainless steel plate that makes Skigrip extremely durable. Jonas at Leran’s Carpentry in Sunne makes the ash wood handles with great care of the unique properties of wood. Magnus and Birgit at Lindevall’s Industry AB have designed and produce the strong and comfortable straps that give you exactly the right grip. Finally, I assemble the parts and send a pair of Skigrips to you.

Good luck with your training!