Satisfied customers

Ulrika Lindberg

XC-coach - Ski dome

I tried chin-ups with extra weight today. No problems! We used Skigrip, which I like to train with so much because they make exercises more ski-specific.

Tomas Löfgren

World champion Ski orienteering

I think Skigrip works really well and since I have managed to get some continuity in my strength training, the improvement is evident

Stian Hoelgaard

Elite Skier

I got my Skigrips yesterday and have already used them once. They seem to be very good and I look forward to get used to them. Nothing would be better than if they helped me to win the Vasaloppet. That’s my goal!

Ludvig Jensen

Sprint specialist, World record holder in 100m skiing

I used Skigrip in today’s workout. It is a very good product. It’s the best product!

Jörgen Aukland

Legendary Skier and Vasaloppet winner - Team Santander

Skigrip obviously has a great potential in strength training and we look forward to train with it

Johannes Ringsby

Ski-sprinter - SK Bore Ski club

I am 40 % stronger on my chin-ups since I started with Skigrip. That helps my double-poling a lot!

Jesper Larsson

The only reason to not use Skigrip is the resulting DOMS

Heidi Pettersson

Recreational xc-enthusiast

Thanks for introducing me to Skigrip. Training with Skigrip has really helped me. There is a noticeable difference in the ski-tracks compared to last year. I even get comments about my improved double-poling. Great to feel how my strength develops.

Fredrik Engström

Elite skier

I am totally satisfied with the product! You have really made it. I have trained for years without making the progress I have made since I got my Skigrip. It’s the ski-specific movement that feels unique.

Annika Sjöström


I use Skigrip for all my strength training sessions, which is twice a week, and also during long runs combined with a few sets of chis-ups. A great advantage with Skigrip is that they can be used anywhere and that they fit in the waist-pack